CLASS: Freshman


HOMETOWN: Humboldt, Tennessee


Renfroe, a freshman out of Humboldt, Tennessee, is entering her first season as a Lady Charger. She threw 132 strikeouts her final year at Jackson Secondary. Not only a threat on the mound, but she had a career 19 home runs. Also, she had a career record of 315 strikeouts.

She chose SDA over Gainesville, Knoxville, Montgomery, and Riverside.

"I chose [SDA], because my oldest sister [Ivy] played here, won a national championship, along with [Ellen]. So, I wanted to do the same."

She was asked a few personal questions.

"Who is your biggest inspiration?"

"My two sisters most definitely. They've lifted me through my career. And now, ones my coach."

"What's your favorite part of being a Lady Charger?"

"The pride, hope and faith to bring home a national championship."

"Your favorite music?" "Ross Lynch"

"Celebrity crushes?" ."Ross Lynch. Haha"

We asked coach Findle her opinion on the freshman.

"She's an incredible pitcher, and third baseman. She can hit as well. I mean, she's so effective. But she's also an amazing person"

She described each Senior in one word.

Cheyenne- Leader

Kaylyn- Fiery

Brittany- Determined

Hailey- encourager