CLASS: Freshman


HOMETOWN: Los Angeles, California


Munro, a catcher/utility player out of Los Angeles, California, is entering her first season as a Lady Charger. Her final season at LA Secondary, she picked off 13 runners, and hit 13 balls over the wall. Her career total pick offs were 44. She hit 21 balls over.

She picked SDA over Berkley, Riverside, and Fresno.

"I've wanted to be a part of this program since I was little. I grew up watching the program get bigger"

She was asked a few personal questions.

"Who is your biggest inspiration?"

"Kristina Hilberth. She was an outstanding catcher."

"What's your favorite part of being a Lady Charger?"

"Everything. It's an amazing experience all together"

"Your favorite music?" "I proudly still love the Jonas Brothers"

"Celebrity crushes?" "Joe Jonas"

We asked coach Findle her opinion on the freshman.

"She's fast as lightning. Her throw is, but she can run bases extremely well."

She described each Senior in one word.

Cheyenne- leader

Kaylyn- fiery

Brittany- determined

Hailey- encourager