CLASS: Freshman

JERSEY #: #21

HOMETOWN: Tuscaloosa, Alabama.


Bell, a Catcher from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, is in her rookie year here at San Diego Advanced. She sat records at her previous secondary school, with throw outs, a career- highest 57. She also had 23 her final season.

She also sat a home run record, recording 5 HR in her final season, and a career 12 career, which is the highest ever at Tuscaloosa Secondary.

She chose SDA over Gainesville, Riverside, and Tuscaloosa.

"I chose SDA because my sister [Chanda] went to school here. I remember all the compliments she gave this place. I practically grew up watching this team and I wanted to be a part of it."

Bell's older sister Chanda was a member of the Lady Chargers from 2008-2011. She now attends the University of Florida, where she plays softball .

She was asked a few personal questions.

"Who is your biggest inspiration?"

"This sounds cheesy, but my older sister. I watched her play and reach her dreams for 7 years. She's so humble about it"

"What's your favorite part of being a Lady Charger?"

"Probably being apart of this team. Each and everyone of these girls reached their dreams. No one is cocky, or arrogant. The seniors lead this team so well. They're like my sisters now. This is an incredible program"

"Your favorite music?"

"Oh gosh, uh. I really didn't enjoy a lot of music until I got here. I joined the wave of San Diego softball, and listened to One Direction. Ha!" 

"Celebrity crushes?"

"You know, I'm a freshman. I gotta have one. I must say I find Ross Lynch attractive."

We asked coach Findle her opinion on the freshman.

"Chaunsey's a hard worker. She'd be the starting catcher on any other big time program in NHSA. She's always willing to work during JV practice. Even though she sits the bench, she's yelling and screaming the loudest for the starting players. Her personality is so bubbly. She's truly a blessing."

She described each Senior in one word.

Cheyenne- "Leader"

Kaylyn- "Fiery"

Brittany- "Relaxed"

Hailey- "Fun"