CLASS: Freshman


HOMETOWN: Dunnellon, Florida

POSITION: Outfield

Fagan, a freshman out of Dunnellon, Florida, is entering her first season as a Lady Charger. She holds the record at Dunnellon Secondary, as well as the Secondary School District of Florida, record for home runs her final year, with 17. She also had a career 30 HR. She is a versatile player, who can play a bit of shortstop, but is a stellar outfielder.

She also holds the new California state record for home runs during the state tournament. In the 2012 State tournament[fall] she hit 7 home runs in the 3 day period. In the fall season, she had 17 home runs and had cleanup hitter clenched for three-fourths of the season.

She chose SDA over Knoxville, Columbia (MI), and Miami.

"My sister [Kasey] played here for four years. My other sister [Sami] plays here currently. It was in the plan for me to come anyways, and it just happened that I was one of the top recruits in the country." she told us humbly.

She was asked a few personal questions.

"Who is your biggest inspiration?"

"Coach Jennie. She's always lifting and never downing. If I strikeout, miss a ball, she doesn't chew me out, she gives me a pat on the back and tells me what I need to do better. That helps me so much more knowing she won't yell if I make a mistake, but it makes me to opposite of complazy."

"What's your favorite part of being a Lady Charger?" "The pride in it. It's such a successful program. I want to bring another championship home, just like my sister did. These girls are amazing too"

"Your favorite music?" "One Direction, easily

"Celebrity crushes?" "Haha. Niall Horan"

We asked coach Findle her opinion on the freshman.

"She's just an incredible athlete. Always the first to practice, last to leave. She works so hard at being the best hitter. I think she has full capability to be one of the best hitters in the country. She was the top freshman in the country. We had to get her. But she is quietly effective. She doesn't say much, but her work ethic has made a huge impact on this team already."

She described each Senior in one word.

Cheyenne- Dedicated

Kaylyn- Loving

Brittany- Determined

Hailey- lifting