CLASS: Freshman


HOMETOWN: Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

POSITION: Outfield/ 2B

McLeney, a freshman out of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, is entering her first season as a Lady Charger. She can do anything from slapping a bunt down the third base line, to slamming one over the left field wall. Her final season at Tuscaloosa Secondary, she led the team with 27 RBI, and 4 HR. She plays outfield, but Coach Findle plans to play her some at second.

She originally was attending Tuscaloosa, but transferred to SDA at the end of quarter one.

She was asked a few personal questions.

"Who is your biggest inspiration?"

"Uh, I'd have to say Ashley Mayem. I remember growing up watching her and her sister [Brittney] play here. She was an incredible player here. But she went through the adversity of losing her sister, and became a role model to many. I got to meet her the other day and she was exactly like I remembered her on interviews."

"What's your favorite part of being a Lady Charger?"

"The feeling I get when I put the jersey on. Knowing I get to go on the field with my 14 best friends."

"Your favorite music?" "I'm gonna follow the flow, I'd say One Direction and R5

"Celebrity crushes?" ."Louis Tomlinson."

We asked coach Findle her opinion on the freshman.

"She's an outstanding player, but as well an outstanding person. She's already a leader on this team. She leads prayers before each game. She's so encouraging to the other girls."

She described each Senior in one word.

Cheyenne- Inspiring

Kaylyn- Determined

Brittany- Dedicated

Hailey- Encouraging